My BV blog is shutting down……..

So, I started taking voice lessons (NOT FUNNY) and I have no time to squeeze in Blogging time…….. my blog will still be up and i have other authors so it wont be down or in R.I.P  but I think I should quit because it kinda stresses me and I am super busy now. 😦 sorry for posting this……..   Well Sine My BV Blog is having its 1st Anniversary Maybe we could also do a GOODBYE photoshoot 😦 ?   -Toodles

Petition Update

Selena’s petition is now on Bearville Insider! That’s great for us as it means we’ll get a lot more signatures. We’ve gotten like ten in the past day or so! 😛

P.S. Just a reminder to everyone signing the petition that rudeness is not the answer, and that swearing a ton won’t get you anywhere with this kind of thing. 😉