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What Marina has said

To get the word spread out i made a petition since BV is closing down. I was devastated last night when i was on the BRD chat box with casey and marina Please sign the petition and Email BV at vwhelp(@)buildabear(.)com and tell them everything that will make BV not wanna shut down our great access!
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Page Link:

Please sign Selena’s petition!

Selena has created a petition to keep Bearville from closing. The site she has done this on asks for no personal information whatsoever (other than your email address) so there’s really no reason not to sign this! We will be sending it to BABW once it gets enough signatures on it. 😉

Even if you think this won’t change or solve anything, please sign it, because there’s no harm in signing, right? Our voices can make a huge difference! 🙂

If you don’t feel comfortable signing the petition, you can email VWHelp at vwhelp(at)buildabear(dot)com and tell them why you think Bearville should stay/get updated!

Our sources for BV shutting down:


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