i Finally accomplished getting a city garden with the help of rosanna

Picture 47Picture 48Oh and not to mention i have a new signature for BRD

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How is my blog doing?

Why Princess Loves BRD…

Reblogging this to here so more people can see Princess’ entry! 🙂

Bearville Rainbow

This weekend, Bearville Rainy Days had a contest asking members to share why they loved BRD, and I’m happy to announce that the grand prizewinner was Princess! 🙂

Princess won a raspberry HPT for her entry, which the judges both thought was amazingly written! Here it is:

“I love BRD for many reasons, the one of the most important being the fact that it has allowed me to grow. I used to be a real dunce at trading, and I guess I still am now, but certainly not as much. Everyone here, especially the well-versed TPs have helped me in my journey to rarity. I guess my English has, in a way, improved as well. I used colloquial speech much too often when I first joined. But because I joined a forum, I began to feel self-conscious and didn’t want to end up a laughingstock, so I felt an…

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Bullying :(

——->read on: Kiki Has been bullied. So have I:( Keep her in you prayers:( her blog is going through a hard time:( Please visit her blog and make post about this for support:( I will make a petiton. I will give all my “Power” to help


I’m Princess, although most people already know this. I’m the admin and sole owner of Bearville is my Kryptonite, which you can find at Selena’s sidebar. I was chosen to be an editor (together with Marina :P) on this blog because of an author contest Selena hosted a while ago. I guess that’s all for now. Bye! 😉


Selena asked me to make one of these, so here it goes. 😛

I’m Marina! (Though you guys probably already know me.) My main blog is Bearville Rainbow, which you can find by clicking on the sidebar. I’m also the admin of a forum called Bearville Rainy Days, which you can find at bearvillerainydays.forumotion.com. I got chosen to be an author on Selena’s blog because I saw she was having an authors contest, thought “why not”, and entered. 😆

I guess that’s all for now, so… 😛