Camp meet up sheet

Ok as i said i was gonna post a meet up sheet and i am meet ups are every friday for EVERYONE for the australians its gonna be 7 PM SHARP if you are tardy you will be fine british people 3:00 in the morning which is 3:00 PM for me (so stay up late) also U.S.A people for you it will be 12:00 noon SHARP don’t worry i live in U.S.A so i wont be tardy also camp will be called Camp sweetie sweets also i pick all my leaders day of the first day of camp so make sure you are happy its for short CSS we will get a snack and talk at the ice cream parlor in the mall and or the coffee shop oh and here is my quote I’m so fancy you already know I’m in the fast lane from L.A to Tokyo ~iggy azaelea



My Own Babv camp!!!!!!!!!

HI! its Selena here for correction (Maddie) but i have exciting news this year I’m hosting my own camp i will be taking my camp on bear  trips to what i cal CHH(camp happy heart) every once a day i will be giving you a task from here on my blog i will email it to you then see if you can beat the other teams also be sure to dress comfy this is a please that everyone signs up for camp happy heart and please wear them to camp i will be giving you rooms here are what the teams will be called one will be called the cupcakes the next one the cookie doughs and the second one will be called the strawberries and the third will be called the kit kat’s OK everyone will have a team leader i will use a poll to do this also i will never let people just be bossy and not nice so you have to sign up via email i will email you a form once you get that email email me back you comment on here that way i know you you want to join.ANWSER TO QUESTION:this will be held in bearville NOT on my blog well i will post the meet up sheet dates and times on here in a few days Also bring your furry friend toooo


Birthday for my zoo grizzly bear named brittney

Happy birthday Brit your my first to second best furry friend here is and invite for all viewers that I’m having a party for my zoo grizzly july 8th be sure to be there it starts for all people at two different  days because my blog follows which are mash and Neon pink live in australia and some of you live in U.S.A like me so For my lovely friends in Australia ill have the party at 7 PM which is the closest time i could get for them but ill be getting on BABV at 7:00 in the morning I’m excited though  and for the people in U.S.A 12:00 noon i will have food for you also buy some bear trading items for my bear as gifts she is turning 2 years old since i got her last year also here are the dates Australia’s day will be the 7th and U.S.A july 8 so ill decorate my cub condo if you have credits buy my bear a outfits From BVOS also ill trade you each 100 bear bills for my clothes if you have any questions please comment 🙂