Visit my new blog!

Hey, please visit fantalicous! I finally made a new blog so please check it out!

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Hi guys!

Long time no see??? I missed ya guys. So I was thinking about BRD and WordPress and started crying remembering how I started blogging😂👏. Then I realized I miss you guys so what’s all this fantage stuff about?????? CP was hacked so I decided t wouldn’t hurt to talk with my old friends? Well my phones about to dye so bye!


Hey guys i know i have been Pretty inactive but since BV is shutting down i’m moving on to blogging about club penguin! so yeah if anyone would like to be the new author please Email me:

I’m going to miss you all!

– Selena

Petition Update

Selena’s petition is now on Bearville Insider! That’s great for us as it means we’ll get a lot more signatures. We’ve gotten like ten in the past day or so! 😛

P.S. Just a reminder to everyone signing the petition that rudeness is not the answer, and that swearing a ton won’t get you anywhere with this kind of thing. 😉