Why Princess Loves BRD…

Reblogging this to here so more people can see Princess’ entry! 🙂

Bearville Rainbow

This weekend, Bearville Rainy Days had a contest asking members to share why they loved BRD, and I’m happy to announce that the grand prizewinner was Princess! 🙂

Princess won a raspberry HPT for her entry, which the judges both thought was amazingly written! Here it is:

“I love BRD for many reasons, the one of the most important being the fact that it has allowed me to grow. I used to be a real dunce at trading, and I guess I still am now, but certainly not as much. Everyone here, especially the well-versed TPs have helped me in my journey to rarity. I guess my English has, in a way, improved as well. I used colloquial speech much too often when I first joined. But because I joined a forum, I began to feel self-conscious and didn’t want to end up a laughingstock, so I felt an…

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