The winners are………

this week it could only be 2 people so i picked:


Blue bear!!!!!!!!!!!!

so those are the winners for more notice look below

Next contest begins; Nov 1st at exact 1:30 pm


8 thoughts on “The winners are………

  1. Um, where’s the “more notice”? You never sent me an email or anything about being an author on your blog… :/ Or was this just the first contest? What’s even going on?????????? 😛

  2. um, guys the more notice is about when the next contest is(Which is where it say November 1 😉 ) and blue bear thanks for the link but i know how to invite but i have to find the right time to start inviting you guys but you guys didn’t say anything other than thanks? or well thank you for picking me? well its fine it you don’t i do not mind its just that it would be kind if you did:) anyway you guys your bb code is on wait for about 1 week sorry if it’s long:( but i need to find it and i will email so it is not public 🙂 and i have a 50% chance of switching one of you to a author and another to a editor:) *SCREAMS* this is awesome! *coughs* eh i guess its ok oh and i am making a new page

    • I didn’t really think it was necessary to thank you. You said that you would pick 3 people, but it’s only 2 of us, so you had no choice but to pick Marina and me. I think you were expecting a greater response.

      • yes this contest since it was first i could only pick 2 and another reason because the other person anonymous who commented is Nina’s cousin i do not want any drama during the session so i want it secret and yes i am ONLY picking 2 this time for that simple reason! 🙂

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