Will every virtual site for kids be growing up and leaving?

OMG I knew this was coming ever since babv never started getting updates ECXEPT when party’s come also some May heard last year disney’s three virtual words closed down to save them some people created new ones pirates if the carribean was the only left dead for more years I do not think potc will ever come back R.I.P POTC. Anyway bearville should be closing very soon I knew for a long time  all of us are now probably gonna go to ” “CLUB PENGUIN” and replace that from PH POTC BABV AND TOON TOWN so if you ever go back to the old play sites do not think about  when they closed for life just take a deep breath and say RIP I live you and turn the computer/laptop off


10 thoughts on “Will every virtual site for kids be growing up and leaving?

  1. Um, Selena, Bearville isn’t closing for a while. Multiple CyBearGuides and MiguelSunshine have confirmed it. There’s photo proof in a topic on BRD if you’re interested in learning more about the subject. 😛 If you just want the short version, it’s that Bearville won’t be closing during 2014 for sure, and most likely not in 2015, either. They said they’ll keep it open as long as there are people who play on it. 🙂

    Also, I doubt anyone on BVWP would be going to Club Penguin other than you… If Bearville were to close, I get the feeling the majority of us would be headed for Poptropica. 😆

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