After 7 months : Pixie Hollow still alive

Ok u people think this childish but it’s not I used clubpenguin before all this happened but I have all my faith to pixie hollow not cp I still use cp but cry everytime I play cp ~selena

Sarah's Adventures

I still remember the day I started playing Pixie Hollow…I was totally addicted to it. There was always something new there which I looked forward to. Only a few months had passed since I started, when Pixie Hollow announced its closure.

I.WAS.SHATTERED. Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1]

I tried to make the most out of Pixie Hollow, by spending most of my time there. But, every good thing has an end, and so did Hollow.


I still remember 19th September, when I had quickly rushed to the computer after school, just to catch the last glimpse of Pixie Hollow. I was in Havendish Square then, wearing my arrival dress, as I wanted to ‘leave as I came’. We were all grieving and some were taking snapshots, some were crying, some were saying they knew this would happen long ago, some even said, “You’d forget it, after all”. No. We won’t and never will. One fairy…

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