Ok so if any of you look at what birthdays are this week on bearville rainy days you might know who it is it’s ME STPHNAIESPARKLE312_ i am so excited i turn 12 and next year 13 then 14 then 15 then 16 wait?! i don’t want time to fly! that cannot happen anyway i plan on having a birthday party on WP Kind of lame right? oh and here is some things. issues: i keep on getting spam comments from people i never saw or heard in WP. Discussion: BVWPERS are getting attacked by the well known cyber bully nina and her cousin mayor maracicia as i heard over the summer i was probably on vacation or something but there was a bully going around attacking WP blog sites calling people A** holes and jerks and all that crazy crap but i wasn’t here to see it so if anyone of you have proof please comment below so i can end this feud


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