#TBT page

Ok you CANNOT DEPEND THAT I WILL Make THIS.Ok u will try to make it by tongight here is some info: what dose TBT stand for? It stands for throw back Thursday. This will be posted every Thursday if I can get to it next week well that’s all from me


28 thoughts on “#TBT page

  1. Btw out of topic but are you a 6th grader?

    in one of your posts you said you are a 7th grader? I’m a sixth grader and I also graduated from 5th grade 🙂 will never forget that day but the gift was really corny 😦 it was Blocks , so stupid that I threw it away (Psssst btw you remind me of a really kind and funny girl from a game called the world of magic 🙂 it’s for the ipad and ipod and iPhone! All I have to do is wait for a new ipad realese so I can have my mom’s ipad lol I Think my username is Lenah394 or something? and my friend who reminds me of you she haves two accounts one called wolfydemon (without caps) and one called WolfyCat (WITH Caps 🙂 And can we be friends? I don’t have any 😦 btw I just started BABV 🙂 My user name is Estellestar14 🙂 bye hope you have a FABSOME Day 🙂 )

  2. Lol What is the photo? Can I see it? PLEAAAAAASEEEEEE (Btw Nina doesn’t know about the comment thing I know her i’m her cousin she showed me your blog I deleted her favourites and she can”t find kikifrommeadows blog so she can click on marinas profile and go to her blog and go to yours 🙂 I told her kikifrommeadows blog is deleted and she got sad lol I was lying to her so she won”t threaten you again 🙂 it’s ok she haves a short temper 🙂 )

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