nevermind i guess i should tell you what D.I.R.T is.    Co-Edit: i cannot tell you what dirt means


6 thoughts on “D.I.R.T

  1. huh? ( sorry if that’s rude to you sory 😦 im so stupid lol btw plz be friends with nina on BABV 🙂 Her account name is estellestar14 ;0 be friends wit her pleaaaseeee pretty pleaseos 🙂 she have no friends and she rly wants one !!

  2. hi I have stuped QUestion again 😦 why dud you put kikifrommeadow on blogroll? nina is very smart and tries everything to get your blog and click on marinas profile then goes to ur blog if she sees kikifrommeadow she will be mad that I lied to her!

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