I feel threatened

Although the person who is might think I’m pathetic like what you said to me let me reapeat: IM PATHETIC  ok so I’m pathetic that’s 1 A THREAT THATS A THREAT and not ti mention names but AND KNOW WHO YOU ARE IF IM PATHETIC THEN WHAT ARE YOI *YOUR A COOL PERSON* and if I was so pathetic you could have kept it to yourself;( now please u know who u are don’t tell me it’s not u


25 thoughts on “I feel threatened

  1. What? I didn’t call you pathetic… Nobody did. All that Princess said was that you made her sound pathetic when you said she was begging. She wasn’t begging, so when you said she was, how was she supposed to react? And then you were the one calling her pathetic…

    I’ll repost the relevant comments:
    Princess: “Me, begging? Oh, I supposed you were just *so* annoyed that you simply *had* to make me sound that pathetic.”

    How does that fall anywhere into the category of anyone calling you pathetic? You said Princess was the one acting pathetic, not you. You were the only one calling anybody pathetic in that comment exchange.

    Before you point fingers at me, here’s a relevant excerpt from my earlier comment:
    Me: “And how does that make PRINCESS sound pathetic if you claimed you would post the page soon? She was just wondering if you were planning on posting the page soon like you said you would.”

    I never said you were pathetic. I was standing up for Princess and saying she wasn’t. And Princess only said you made her sound pathetic like I said before, which isn’t even close to her calling you pathetic.

    TL;DR: Neither Princess nor I called you pathetic at any time during that comment exchange. You were the one calling Princess pathetic. Also, the word pathetic has begun to lose all meaning for me…I probably overused it, but oh well.

  2. I Have a stupid question (Sorry if it’s stupid) : Um..How old are you (Sorry! If it’s off topic plz accept my apology :()

  3. Princess always has to start something to get me heated then when I try to defend myself I get stabbed in the back. Do you think that’s right? Idk how princess has her group of friends but I keep my friends I do not fight with my friends you don’t understand 😦 I have been bullied my whole life people never get it I started a blog for a reason to get more friends I didn’t come here to start a fight or get you people mad I Apologize but you guys never understand sky princess will just keep saying that I’m. Making her sound like PAthetic 😦 it’s not funny either so I hope you guys understand and get what I mean:( good night USA and good morning Australia 😦

  4. Hi nina”S cousin here! hey didn’t u say you are a chatterbox? well she is too 😦 plz don’t be mean to meh cousin she”S really cool you just don”t understand how she haves a short temper and gets mad very fast and sensitive 😦 plz Say sory to her 😦 she derseves it rly 😦

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