New stuff

imageHey guys a new feature is coming out in November! A new youtube channel especially for us! Also a new page will be added as many of you heard of the authors contest! Blue bear has been begging for the page for quite a while so I guess I will make it! Also my new channel will be set about next week but will not be aired until November 18 cause it will take a LONG! Time so here is a sneak peek at my new avatar


15 thoughts on “New stuff

  1. Oh, you made/found the chibi on your own, then? I just have to put the finishing touches on the one I was making for you before I post it, but I won’t bother if you’re using another one… 😛

    • It’s posted on my blog, so you can just screencap it like you did for your banner picture. 😛 Please remember to give credit if asked and have fun using your new chibi! 🙂

      • What? First off, Princess didn’t even beg for you to make a page, she ASKED you because YOU’VE HAD THE AUTHOR CONTEST THING IN YOUR SIDEBAR FOR A MONTH, ALMOST TWO NOW. I have to admit, I was wondering if/when you’d post more about the contest, too. And how does that make PRINCESS sound pathetic if you claimed you would post the page soon? She was just wondering if you were planning on posting the page soon like you said you would. You never said anything about it not being done for a while. The only thing you said would take a long time was making a YT account, which honestly doesn’t take very long, maybe an hour at the most. Making and uploading videos is another story, but making an account itself wouldn’t take you over a month. 😛

        Also, who is “us”? Do you mean BVWP or some other group?

      • Us means my viewers and as you seen in my comment as I repeat as you seen in my comment Here is my words IF I DIDNT MENTION IN THE POST THEN IT MIGHT TAKE ME A LITTLE WHILE

      • I did see that in your comment, but you commented that AFTER Princess had said what she said. She hasn’t replied to your comment yet (I could be wrong though), so I’m just going by what was said before her latest comment.

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