Distressed by viewers

Feeling- distressed I am very distressed please stop filling my nonifications with comments! I am getting annoyed is never unapprove my comments and now I am blue bear please stop I’m very busy I’m creating a new blog for my youtube account so stop bugging me and bear like is kinda boring it has no updates either I just quit and I have other blogs to manage also sorry if I have not been posting a lot : because I COULNT LOG IN! I feel mad


16 thoughts on “Distressed by viewers

  1. Um, Bearville is going to be updated for Halloween… Just because there wasn’t a huge update this month doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be any more updates. 😆 And they did change BV a little for fall, granted, they didn’t put anything in the stores or anything like that, but they did update the overworld so everywhere has leaves and stuff (which IIRC they didn’t do until October for the past couple of years). But the major thing they did this month was bringing back the CyBearGuides EVERY NIGHT, after over a year of them not being on. You can’t say that that isn’t huge. 🙂 I’m sorry to hear that you’re quitting Bearville, but IMO you shouldn’t do it just because they haven’t been updating it as much, because they have. They just haven’t been updating the stores. 😛

  2. Well, why [b]don’t[/b] you disable comments, then? Look, if you’re going to be so annoyed by publicity for your blog, then maybe blogging isn’t your thing. And yeah, I agree with Marina – you shouldn’t be quitting because BV isn’t being updated as often as you would like it to. Just stop overreacting, will you? If you’re really going to quit BV, are you quitting BVWP? Because if you are, I’ll miss seeing your somewhat amusing posts. If not, please post more. 😛

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