home sick but I’m hosting a contest

Hey fellow viewers around the world so how have you been? i am great so i am in california to visit my uncle i am sooo homesick i thought i was not but i did get home sick so i could not even go surfing or snorkeling such a bummer so now i am in bed watching disney channel and drinking my ginger ale i have a high fever and my parents and my brother went out to eat so i am stuck with my cousin she nice she said if my fever went down a bit she would take me for ice cream and take me to the beach so yeah and like so yeah also i am on kik right now my sisters are going out to eat with my parents my cousins in her room i wish i could get twitter but i am to young so i will stick with kik k so i am hosting a contest who ever takes my survey gives FACTUAL anwsers i will email you if you one and who ever has the most *detailed* survey entry will win a free bvo credit (sorry if i take long since my brother car got stolen until he gets it back i will have you hang tight) here are the contest rules

1. All anwsers must be Anwser briefly

2. no negative or not positive sentences or anwsers

3. Anwser question asked

4. Enjoy your prize!

so thats really all i have to say about the cotest so bear huggie


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