Camp meet up sheet

Ok as i said i was gonna post a meet up sheet and i am meet ups are every friday for EVERYONE for the australians its gonna be 7 PM SHARP if you are tardy you will be fine british people 3:00 in the morning which is 3:00 PM for me (so stay up late) also U.S.A people for you it will be 12:00 noon SHARP don’t worry i live in U.S.A so i wont be tardy also camp will be called Camp sweetie sweets also i pick all my leaders day of the first day of camp so make sure you are happy its for short CSS we will get a snack and talk at the ice cream parlor in the mall and or the coffee shop oh and here is my quote I’m so fancy you already know I’m in the fast lane from L.A to Tokyo ~iggy azaelea



2 thoughts on “Camp meet up sheet

  1. I’m sorry, but something doesn’t make sense here… You can wake up at 6am? According to a timezone converter I used, 7pm for me is 6am for you, and I don’t usually wake up that early.

  2. hmmm well let me see well i have a timezone on my iphone to keep track of time around the world its the same time here but its night or day so when i am sleeping you are awake its night time where i live and daytime where you live

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