Hey there I’m making a new BABV account cause mine is full of glitches and so yeah i just wanna mine to be cool and unglitchable cause you know what the my stuff icon is scaring me (AKA glitch) also BABV citzens are saying that there is a loading animation screen of bearmy but that was used many moons ago (like 6 years ago)i do not know also i went to my local BABW and they said the reason there is no updatets cause the new app will be more worked on and they are thinking of closing the virtual world down also they said the chloe show is of for GOOD  if they do i have back games either its gonna be MOVIESTARPLANET or CLUBPENGUIN i pray BABV will not be closed or shut down like my other favorite game pixie hollow(Disney is just sad) well thnx for hearing me blog bye


7 thoughts on “NEW ACCOUNT!

  1. Uh… The glitches are for everyone though? Do you mean the haunted backpacks? Those have been around for over a year… It won’t matter if you make a new account, because the glitches will still be there;; And the Bearemy loading screen isn’t from six years ago, it’s more recent than that… I’d just learn to live with the glitches or find a different game if I were you, since I really don’t think they’re going to be fixed any time soon :/

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